You Don’t Want iTunes To Hear To Apple Podcasts Anymore

You Don’t Want iTunes To Hear To Apple Podcasts Anymore

You Don’t Want iTunes To Hear To Apple Podcasts Anymore

Controls are pretty simple - just hit "play" - but this means you won't automatically be booted to iTunes to listen.

Following recent rumors of Apple potentially breaking off Apple Music, Podcasts, and other service from iTunes, it appears the Cupertino brand has updated the web version for a cleaner, more streamlined, and easier to navigate layout.

Apple has overhauled the web interface for podcasts hosted on its platform.

Show landing pages, for example, now prominently display information such as number of episodes, podcast category, producer name, and a dynamically updated star rating. The new feature will help the users to read the reviews and access the trending charts.

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Apple's iTunes has been a pop culture phenomenon of the 21 century and became synonymous with the general shift in media consumption to the digital world. The Apple Books app may also see a redesign in macOS 10.15. Apple has also made changes to the link of the website: URL rather than

The program will be split into three new apps, leaving a rump iTunes app for device syncing, a report says. It will apparently offer a greatly improved listening experience for all podcast listeners, as the current experience is underwhelming in iTunes. Apple Music will presumably be focused on streaming music, a goal far from that of iTunes, while Apple TV will be the new place where you can enjoy the new TV+ service announced by the company a few weeks ago.

The decision to break up iTunes does make a lot of sense, to some people at least. the app is, as The Verge puts it, already ancient by software standards.

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