Zach Johnson knocks ball off tee with practice swing at the Masters

Zach Johnson

Watch: Zach Johnson Accidentally Hits Ball on Practice Swing at the Masters

It hasn't been a great day at the Masters for former champion Zach Johnson.

But there was Zach Johnson on the 13th tee on Friday, preparing to his his tee shot when one of his practice swings accidentally hit the ball.

The extraordinary incident became even more freaky once the ball had richocheted off the tee marker and come to rest only a couple of metres away, still on the teeing ground.

Johnson, giving his club a forceful swing through the air, clunked the ball into the marker, proving that even major champions can make silly mistakes.

"If a teed ball falls off the tee or is knocked off the tee by the player before the player has made a stroke at it, it may be re-teed anywhere in the teeing area without penalty".

Stormy weather anticipated for Sunday
The children, ages 8 and 3, were dead at the scene, although both parents, who were in the front seat, escaped injury, he said. By late Saturday, the storms were expected to organize into a line as they cross the western border of Mississippi.

Fortunately for Johnson, who won the 2007 edition of the tournament, he did not incur a penalty as it was a clear accident. "I actually hit a really good tee shot after that, so I think I recovered nicely".

For those of you who aren't necessarily golf fans, that wasn't supposed to happen.

But even at the pinnacle of the sport, it seems that comical errors can be made, as Johnson has proved at Augusta during the Masters. Because Johnson didn't have the intention of hitting the ball, he was allowed to re-tee and hit again.

Johnson looked stunned for a moment, checking to see the reaction of his playing partners, Ian Poulter and Matt Kuchar.

"There's a first for everything boys", Johnson added.

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