Chelsea Manning ordered to jail again after refusing subpoena

ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA- MAY 16 Former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning addresses reporters before entering the Albert Bryan U.S federal courthouse

Chelsea Manning Ordered Back to Jail Again After Refusing to Testify in Wiki Leaks Case 2,152Win McNamee Getty ImagesBREITBART NEWS16 May 2019

U.S. former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been ordered back to prison after again refusing to testify before an inquiry into Wikileaks.

Judge Anthony Trenga was not impressed with her rationale and said that jail time may cause her to reflect differently on the issue.

An appointee of President George W. Bush who ruled in favor of Trump's xenophobic anti-Muslim travel ban, Trenga instead ordered Manning to be jailed immediately after a two-hour hearing.

According to her attorneys, the piling on of a coercive financial penalty is highly unusual, typically reserved for compelling testimony from representatives of corporations, not individuals.

Before her release, she was served with another subpoena requiring her to testify before a new grand jury, which is continuing to investigate WikiLeaks. I would rather starve to death than to change my opinions in this regard.

"The only thing that is being asked of her is to come answer questions truthfully", he said.

Manning is also requesting that the court force the government to turn over any evidence that she was electronically surveilled by any US intelligence agencies.

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Trenga replied, "There's nothing dishonorable in fulfilling your obligation as a United States citizen", before ruling on the specific sanctions the court would put in place.

The grand jury in front of which Manning has been ordered to appear is presumed to relate to the criminal prosecution of Assange.

Assange is now serving a 50-week prison sentence in Britain for jumping bail.

Assange was himself arrested on April 11 after being booted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he'd lived under asylum for almost seven years.

Last week, Manning was freed from jail after a 62-day stay because the term of the grand jury that imprisoned her had expired, Sputnik reported. If the grand jury term goes on for 18 months, the fines could exceed half a million dollars, she added, calling it "draconian". Manning was given just one week of freedom to spend with her friends and family before being cruelly thrown back into federal detention.

After almost seven years behind bars, Manning had her sentence commuted by President Obama, and was a free woman, for a while. "This is a way of placing me back into confinement". "They're not asking anything new, there's no new information". They didn't like the outcome. Under federal law, a recalcitrant witness can be jailed for civil contempt only if there's a reasonable possibility that the incarceration will coerce the witness into testifying.

"In 2010 Chelsea made a principled decision to let the world see the true nature modern asymmetric warfare", said Meltzer-Cohen. "It is telling that the US has always been concerned with the disclosure of those documents than their damning substance".

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