China Trade War Could Make iPhones 3% More Costly

Image Source Mark Gurman Twitter

Image Source Mark Gurman Twitter

To recoup the same profit on each iPhone sold as before, Apple would need to increase iPhone prices by a similar amount. Well, it's exciting to see what new models will bring for the users. With Apple adding it, the brand hopes for mass adoption of this feature and it could be used to wirelessly charge the recently released Apple AirPods 2.

USB-C on the iPhone would help to unify Apple's system and encourage both developers and manufacturers to create the next-generation of accessories for the iPhone.

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, the internet was awash with memes, but it's insane what two years can do for public perception.

Meanwhile, more case renders have surfaced over on SlashLeaks that give us an idea of what the upcoming device's camera might look like while decked out in a third party housing (it still ain't pretty, as it turns out). Several other nifty new Android phones are set to hit store shelves in the coming months, including not one but two new Galaxy Note 10 handsets that should launch in early August.

Moving on, all three new 2019 iPhone models will come with bilateral wireless charging feature that's available on Huawei and Samsung flagships.

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This year, we'd love Apple to introduce an always-on display that provides the date, time, and other information, like the weather or notification counts.

The green and lavender colors take the place of last year's blue and coral color options. Stay tuned for more updates as they come. It's not something that's terribly useful in the real world, however.

The iPhone XS is 5.8 inches and that's simply too big for those who are used to smaller form factor phones, like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone SE.

We don't all want a mini iPad in our pockets! Morgan Stanley on Thursday evaluated that in a worst-case trade scenario, Apple could see its profit drop by about a quarter, or $3 per share.

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