Pilot pulls off nail-biting landing despite front wheel failure

A passenger records the scene on her phone as firefighters attend to the scene after Myanmar National Airlines flight UB103 landed without a front wheel at Mandalay International Airport in Tada-U Myanmar

WATCH Myanmar Passenger Plane Make Safe Belly Landing Despite Nose Wheel Failure

A Myanmar pilot saved the day after his aircraft's landing gear failed, forcing the jet into an emergency landing with no front wheels yesterday morning, an official said.

82 passengers and seven crew members were on board during the emergency landing.

"Myanmar National Airlines would like to express our deepest appreciation to all the passengers onboard and our crews", the airline said in the statement.

He says the pilot informed the airport before landing that he was unable to pull down the nose wheels. No one on the plane was injured.

And a video from inside the plane showed smoke rising from underneath as passengers scrambled to disembark, CNN reported. "There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage".

The crew then performed an emergency evacuation.

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The Myanmar National Airlines plane skidded down the runway at Mandalay airport before grinding to a stop. "After circling nearly two times, the captain said they were going to make an emergency landing", he said.

A passenger plane has landed in Myanmar, also known as Burma, without its front wheels.

A pilot has been hailed a hero after pulling off an emergency landing with no front wheels.

According to reports, the pilot carefully adhered to instructions on the landing procedures as he dumped fuel to reduce the aircraft's weight and facilitate a fairly safer landing.

The pilot then flew past the airport twice so that air traffic controllers could check if the landing gear was down, the airline said. Passengers scrambled to evacuate as instructions were given over the speaker system.

The incident came less than a week after a Biman Bangladesh Airlines skidded off the runway while landing at Yangon airport.

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