Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer, Story Mode, And More Gameplay Details Revealed

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct on May 15. Nintendo

Kicking off its announcement, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 will include the addition of Slopes, angry suns, seesaws, new mechanics, on/off switches, swappable themes, big coins, moving lava and water, scroll customization, and much more.

It'll see four members of the Super Mario Maker community competing in a variety of insane Mario courses designed within the new game by Nintendo's Treehouse Team. Four members of the "Super Mario Maker" community will compete in a variety of courses designed by the Nintendo Treehouse team.

The official Nintendo YouTube channel will also carry the stream.

The ingame story mode sees Mario attempting to rebuild Peach's castle by getting coins in over 100 Nintendo-created levels. "Super Mario Maker 2's" multiplayer is contained within the Course World hub. When the game was revealed in February they teased that levels from the Wii U and Switch Mario titles will be available.

Players will have multiple styles to choose for their games, including ones themed after Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros 3.

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Unlike the original Super Mario Maker, the upcoming Switch iteration boasts several different online multiplayer modes.

Since many players will undoubtedly be making levels, Super Mario Maker 2 offers users a way to specifically search what they want from game style, course theme, difficulty, to the type of course, and more.

Are you excited for the new Mario Maker?

The Nintendo Direct broadcast starts at the 29:30 minute mark in the video above. Let us know in the comments section below.

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