At least 100 undigested boba pearls found in girl's stomach

More than 100 undigested bubble tea balls found in girl's stomach

The girl's hospital scan which shows the round balls clogging up her digestive system

No drink is as polarizing as bubble tea.

A 14-year-old girl in China who suffered severe constipation for a week was reportedly full of bubble tea balls.

After being questioned on her diet, the girl told doctors she had drunk one cup of bubble tea five days earlier. Most people would either recommend eating bubble tea pearls by the pound or are completely weirded out by their chewy texture.

It only became popular in Australia however, about five years ago, despite it first arriving on our shores in 2009. A CT scan later revealed over 100 undigested boba pearls in her abdomen.

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In China, a teenage girl was hospitalized after doctors found over 100 bubble tea balls trapped inside her stomach. She claimed she'd had just one before checking in to the hospital, but doctors said it had to have taken much more to end up in her state, the paper reported.

She's now being treated with laxatives, according to the story.

In addition to adding calories to the drink, bubble tea pearls - which are also known as boba - can be hard for the body to digest because they are made out of starch, another doctor said, according to Asia One.

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