Bethesda says its Orion technology improves game streaming

Orion Is Bethesda's Entry Into The Cloud Streaming Game

Id Software built a framework to make streaming video games better

Hopefully we'll see this technology at work sooner rather than later. Stadia, Google's ambitious streaming service, launches in November, and Microsoft is preparing xCloud for prime time.

Orion is "a tremendous breakthrough in streaming technology", according to Altman, and is their name for a group of patented technologies that "optimise game engines for performance in a cloud environment". Orion is meant to be integrated into game engines to make this magic happen.

The company's Orion tech is a framework that optimizes cloud gaming performance, so as to reduce latency by up to 20 percent per frame, and to reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 40 percent.

During the E3 2019 Bethesda showcase, the company announced Orion, a streaming solution which acts as a middleman for other streaming services.

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On stage, Bethesda demonstrated Doom streaming to a phone, and claimed there was no "perceptible latency", though that's obviously not a claim we'll just take at face value. Bethesda says the software developer's kit will reduce cost for players and publishers. "Orion delivers on those goals and will vastly improve streaming video games".

Orion was unveiled by James Altman, director of publishing at Bethesda, and Robert Duffy, chief technology officer at ID Software.

Bethesda also announced during the press conference that players can sign up to try the technology for free through Doom's website.

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