E3 2019: Ghostwire Tokyo Is The Evil Within Director's Latest Title

Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Tango Gameworks announced GhostWire: Tokyo during the Bethesda Softworks E3 2019 press conference.

Even though this is an action-adventure at heart, it's still a game in which you must explore Tokyo - its people disappearing, seemingly at random - as a supernatural force descends upon the city.

Don't worry, though - Tango isn't completely leaving the creep factor behind.

"After unusual disappearances hit Tokyo's population, it's up to you to uncover the source and purge the city of a odd, new evil", according to a post on Bethesda's website. Check out the announcement trailer above.

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Creative director on the project is Ikumi Nakamura. You have to investigate conspiracies and the occult, meeting spirits friendly and evil along the way. The studio has put out two titles since then, the third-person survival horror game "The Evil Within" in 2014 and its sequel in 2017.

While the memes and fan art are all in good fun (Nakamura herself has been retweeting some of her new fan art, showing that she appreciates the response) and while Bethesda's stage shows tend to draw a lot of focus for their presenters' personalities (fan favorites, Todd Howard and Pete Hines always garner a lot of online discussion and meme creation) we hope that fans will do not forget to appreciate Nakamura's hard work and her artistic and creative talent. Also, if they don't let us pet this damn dog, I'm going to fight someone.

Basically, GhostWire: Tokyo might be something of a genre shift for Tango Gameworks, but it still looks like a typically spooky release. We'll be busting out our Ouija boards to keep a close eye on this one though. Stay tuned to Nerdist all week long for the latest trailers, hands-on impressions, and inside scoops on all your favorite video games.

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