Huawei asking developers to publish on its AppGallery store

Huawei “HongMeng” OS trademarked in many countries

Huawei smartphones to no longer come with Facebook, Instagram app

The social media giant announced Friday it's suspending the provision of software to Huawei that allowed its devices to come pre-installed with apps including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

An email obtained by XDA reveals that Huawei tries to entice developers to make the transition to AppGallery with a series of stats that emphasize how successful its brand and app store are. We have seen major companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, among others, suspend and halt their business with Huawei.

If the reports above turn out to be accurate, then it is likely that Huawei is no longer waiting for a resolution from the U.S. in its ongoing battle with the country led by the Trump administration.

According to a report on Chinese newspaper Global Times, the new OS is likely to be released in August or September this year.

To incentivize developers, Huawei is promoting the fact that it has shipped over 350 million phones over the a year ago, all with direct access to AppGallery.

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Huawei now has a three-month general licence to continue using the Google-certified version of Android, but the future is uncertain for the company once this ends - forcing the company to make alternative arrangements.

Almost half of them is said to be delivered outside China. There are 270 million monthly active users, Huawei says.

Huawei then adds that the requested Play developers will be joining a team of 560,000 developers and will be provided with "full support" to help them publish their app on AppGallery.

The social network said it has suspended providing software for Huawei to put on its devices while it reviews recently introduced US sanctions. It is worth noting that Google has adviced the United States government against excluding Huawei from using the Android System.

Owners of these smartphone will still be able to download these apps to their devices and they will also get updates from the Play Store. Huawei is reportedly working on making it available for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, computers, TVs, cars and anything else on which you can install an OS.

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