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Chris Hemsworth reveals the reason why he named her daughter India

Global star Tessa Thompson offered praise for the film's increased focus on its female castmembers at a red carpet event for the film, confessing somewhat jokingly that she even pitched the idea of changing the name from "Men in Black" to something more gender-inclusive - though Thompson says she never landed on a great idea.

As he got busy with the interviews for the film, Chris revealed the real reason why he named her daughter India, after the South Asian country.

"I pitched some ideas like 'People in Black, ' but that would be 'PiB, ' which sounds like a sandwich", Thompson said. He believes that the experience of shooting in India amidst thousands of people on the street was both exciting as well as intimidating.

Hemsworth was in India in 2018, shooting the upcoming Netflix thriller Dhaka in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. We felt like rock stars in a stadium.

"The warmth and support we got while shooting there, no matter how disruptive we were to their daily lives, it was so good".

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Apart from daughter India Rose, Hemsworth shares twin sons Sasha and Tristan with Pataky. People were so positive.

"I think we can change the name at some point", she added. However, Men in Black: International unfortunately scored lower than Men in Black II, which was ranked a 39 percent by critics and a 45 percent by audiences.

Regarding how much Men In Black International will bring in for its opening weekend, estimates are tracking around $30-40 million, which is much less than the $69 million grosses for the first three movies when adjusted for inflation.

The couple enjoyed a date night at the NY premiere of Chris' new film Men In Black: International on Tuesday, June 11. The original Men in Black, which stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, received a 92 percent score, while Men in Black III earned a 68 percent score, noted.

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