The Sims 4 gets Island Living expansion soon | PC

E3 2019: The Sims 4

The Sims 4 players will be able to experience the dream of Island Living

So, unlike the current vacation worlds, Sims will be able to visit and live in the world. Canoe, swim, dive & snorkel to your heart's content! The island will change over time, and if you're taking care of it, it'll be even greener and lusher than ever before. Every action in the game will have an impact on the overall health of the island, and the latest expansion will also include a new career called the Conversationist, who will be tasked to keep the island's ecosystem remain healthy and attractive.

PC and MAC users will see The Sims 4 Island Living come to their platforms on the 21st of June, while console users can expect the game to come to Playstation 4 and Xbox one on the 16th of June.

Alongside the new expansion, The Sims 4 will be introducing Pride items for every The Sims project and a new job: freelance fashion photographer. We'll know more once the launch date is closer. It's called Island Living and it is coming out at a flawless time of year as we head into summer and people get ready for their holidays in the sun. Not only that, but there's a Sims 4 Island Living trailer to get excited about too. Keeping a keen eye on EA's Origin storefront, and looking through the website's sources, he found references to the upcoming expansion.

Welcome to Sulani, where the sun shines bright and the nights are totally chill. Build a spectacular sand castle, catch some rays, and even meet a mermaid!

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Some of the most interesting that has been shown are the beach cleaning of the sims to make the island safe and incredible. If that's not your bag, you can also start a fishing, diving, or lifeguard career. No career? No problem! If those seem like big commitments then the other option is to just to the odd job here and there to keep the money topped up. Attend a pit barbecue event, learn about local folklore, taste tropical delicacies and chat with island elders.

Dress your Sims in tropical garb inspired by the sun, sand and waves.

Mermaids and dolphins will be present, alongside an active volcano, so you might want to enlist your neighbors in a firefighting effort if things get out of hand.

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