Three's 5G Network Going Live in United Kingdom in August

Three 5G network

Three details 5G rollout plan, starts in August with 5G home broadband

Three then intends to launch both mobile and home broadband offerings in 25 towns and cities across the United Kingdom before the end of the year.

Following successful trials with customers in London, Three UK has confirmed it will launch 5G in August with a 5G home broadband service in London.

That could potentially give Three more 5G coverage by the end of 2019 than either EE or Vodafone. The company hasn't gone into specific numbers, but EE claims speeds on its 5G network could exceed 1Gbps, so logically that would mean Three's could exceed 2Gbps.

The company has suggested its own 5G network will be the fastest in the United Kingdom, claiming peak speeds could be more than twice as fast as its rivals.

It holds spectrum in the 140MHz block, including access to a 100MHz contiguous black that can potential provide faster 5G speeds.

The move ollows EE which launched its 5G network last month.

It sounds like Three's 5G network will grow rapidly too, with the company saying that in the next three years it expects it to cover 80% of Three's network traffic.

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'We have worked hard over a long period of time to be able to offer the best end to end 5G experience.

Dave Dyson, chief executive of Three UK, said: "It's clear that consumers and businesses want more and more data". But while that's later than EE or Vodafone, Three looks to have some advantages, as it claims to be the only United Kingdom network that will be offering a "true" 5G experience. Note that these networks have more spectrum than that in total, it's just not spectrum that's ideal for 5G use.

UK MOBILE OPERATOR Three has announced that it will switch on its 5G network August and is gloating that it'll deliver "double" the speeds of rival networks.

In other news, Vodafone is shutting down 3G to bolster its 5G networks but insists its 2G will continue for now.

Three hopes to offer 400 percent improvements in speed and capacity, in addition to using "advanced antenna technology".

Only a handful of phones are now able to support 5G, but major manufacturers such as OnePlus and Samsung have already announced handsets capable of supporting the fifth generation of cellular networks.

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