Trump says secret deal with Mexico takes effect when he wants

President Donald Trump speaks with the media before departing Shannon Airport Thursday

AP President Donald Trump speaks with the media before departing Shannon Airport Thursday

"Mexico has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border", he said.

"That's the agreement that everybody says I don't have". "There is now going to be great cooperation between Mexico & the US, something that didn't exist for decades". The video has gone viral online amidst a surge in the number of migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

President Trump may have accidentally revealed part of his "secret" deal with Mexico to curb illegal immigration while talking with reporters.

However, he said other Latin American countries should share the burden, something that the United States appeared to have agreed to.

The famously teetotal president said he would work to open the broader European market to American wine exports, accusing France of protecting its own producers at the cost of fairer trans-Atlantic trade.

Under the agreement, Mexico will rapidly expand a programme under which migrants applying for asylum in the U.S. wait out the process in Mexico.

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The US government has recently identified $21 billion-worth of European Union good imports - including wine - which it said could be subject to tariffs. "If we have to participate in a regional model like the one I have just described, we would have to present that to Congress".

"So the wineries come to me and they say - the California guys, they come to me: "Sir, we are paying a lot of money to put our products into France and you're letting" - meaning, this country is allowing this French wine which is great, we have great wine, too, allowing it to come in for nothing".

Trump had threatened to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican products arriving in the US starting this week, but backed off when Mexico pledged to ramp up efforts to block migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala heading north to the U.S.

Any plan that called on Brazil, Guatemala or Panama to take in more asylum seekers would require cooperation from those countries. We're going to have close to 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year.

Meanwhile on Monday, the Trump administration that Kenneth Cuccinelli would serve as the new acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However the USA members of global grower organisation Wine Origins Alliance wrote to the United States trade representatives, calling for the scrapping of proposed tariffs on EU wine, and urging the U.S. trade representatives to work with his European Commission counterpart to reduce or eliminate wine tariffs, rather than to raise them. Still, Martha Barcena, Mexico's ambassador to Washington, told CBS News on the weekend there had been discussion of reducing the numbers to levels around those of 2018.

Mexico will also require that asylum seekers remain in the country while their claims are prosecuted in the US. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning, he pulled out a folded piece of paper as evidence.

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