Watch Dogs Legion to Appear During E3 2019

Watch Dogs Legion leaks ahead of E3

Watch Dogs Legion Leaked Ahead of E3 2019

Wario64 spotted the Amazon UK leak yesterday, and shared some screenshots of the listing. Today, it seems Amazon UK listed a title called Watch Dogs Legion prior to Ubisoft formally revealing it. Considering that London is one of the Western cities with the highest camera surveillance levels in the world, it totally makes sense to locate in this city the latest scenario for the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is coming, but we'll have to wait for E3 2019 for a full reveal. Furthermore, Jason Schreier from Kotaku has corroborated the leak, stating that Watch Dogs Legion does indeed take place in the United Kingdom and that the title of the game is spot on. The official Watch Dogs Twitter has posted a short video clip of its logo, and it's having fans excited about the future of the Watch Dogs universe.

Gameplay will seemingly also allow for a hugely ambitious ability to play as just about anyone you meet.

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Perhaps no other publisher in the industry has its games leak more often than that of Ubisoft and as of this evening, that trend has once again continued. If you remember, they were the lead characters in the series' first two Watch Dogs games.

The Ubisoft Store discounts celebrating E3 2019 has started! Kotaku reports that according to their sources, the title is indeed Legion, the NPC-control mechanic is also part of the gameplay and the game apparently takes place in London.

Such an ambitious take is nearly surprising for a game like Watch Dogs, which has started as a huge franchise back in the days but has toned down a lot after a disappointing first release and a quieter second chapter.

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