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Doom Collectors

DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date and Collector's Edition

"I mean, there's so many good mysteries in Doom universe and we need to answer good questions, and then ask new good ones". The 2016 reboot left us with many questions, and the story didn't even address whether he's the same Doom Guy from the original games, or an entirely new character. Here's a quick rundown of what was revealed with Fallout 76.

- The Elder Scrolls Blades coming to Switch in Fall 2019, and it will be free. In fact, this version of the game will have not only cross-progression but also cross-play with both previously released versions of the game.

The game is also getting a huge new update across all versions of the title, with a new dragon-filled questline becoming available immediately after the Bethesda showcase. But the publisher did make a couple of intriguing announcements, with new games from Dishonored creator Arkane Lyon and from the studio of Resident Evil legend Shinji Mikami.

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If you're a die hard Doom fan, you'll soon be able to pre-order a pretty fantastic looking Collector's Edition.

The upcoming chapter in the DOOM franchise by id Software is DOOM Eternal and it's coming out on 22 November on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The fifth entry in the main series of games from the demons of Hell taking over Earth, and it's up to the Doom Slayer to fight them back. You can spawn other demons to help you.

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