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Southeast Asian nations body repeats North Korea stance

Southeast Asian nations body repeats North Korea stance Tillerson was later expected to see Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and China's Wang Yi - both key players in the North Korean nuclear standoff. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks after voting on a US-drafted resolution toughening sanctions on North Korea at the Security Council. [Full Article...]

Southeast Asia piles on N. Korea

Southeast Asia piles on N. Korea On August 5, Vietnam's Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh suggested that ASEAN boost exchanges with China to soon start practical negotiations for the effective and legally-binding COC. With the U.S., Japan and South Korea expected to push for stronger actions against the North, a showdown looms. ASEAN and China have agreed on a framework for how they will go about drafting a code. [Full Article...]

Chance of thunderstorms through Monday in Lake Tahoe

Cloudy - low around 63. Calm wind becoming west around 5 miles per hour in the afternoon. Highs on Monday will struggle to reach into the upper 70s with most areas only getting into the mid-70s. Monday - Scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 11am. Friday - Sunny, with a high near 86. Thursday Night .Mostly cloudy, showers possible. [Full Article...]

ASEAN urges North Korea to comply with United Nations resolutions

The meeting was closed to the media. He would not go into detail, but said the sanctions vote had been a "good outcome". Bolstered by new U.N. sanctions, the United States and North Korea's neighbors are joining in a fresh attempt to isolate Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs, in a global campaign cheered on by U.S. [Full Article...]

Chinese, North Korean foreign ministers hold talks at Manila meeting

Chinese, North Korean foreign ministers hold talks at Manila meeting North Korea, the US and South Korea should exercise restraint and make right choice to de-escalate tensions in the Korean peninsula, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday. It was a question driving the hallway chatter at the gathering, but the US summarily shot down the prospect. With the US, Japan and South Korea expected to push for stronger actions against the North, a verbal showdo... [Full Article...]

Syrian regime forces capture last Daesh bastion in Homs

Syrian regime forces capture last Daesh bastion in Homs The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor group said the Syrian government forces had captured 20 percent of the residential part of the city of Sukhneh. The Army had surrounded al-Sukhna from three sides, according to Syrian state news agency Sana . Since May, Syria's army has been conducting a broad military campaign with Russian support to recapture the vast Badia desert region that se... [Full Article...]

ASEAN slams North Korea over nuclear missiles test

ASEAN slams North Korea over nuclear missiles test The ministers traditionally issue a communique containing their diverse concerns, and their issuance of a separate statement on North Korea's missile tests and nuclear weapons program reflects their deep worries about the issue. Until that happens, Tillerson said, "this is going to be a continued effort to put ever greater pressure on the North Korean regime because our other options, obviously, a... [Full Article...]

Fire strikes another tower in the Dubai Marina

Fire strikes another tower in the Dubai Marina But it rattled nerves after Friday's fast-burning inferno at the Torch Tower, which is across the street. He said investigators believe either an improperly disposed cigarette or combustion caused by the late morning heat, which was a sunny 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit), ignited the blaze. [Full Article...]

BidaskClub Upgrades Whiting Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:WLL) to "Sell"

Relative strength index (RSI-14) for Whiting Petroleum Corp. Sit Investment Associates Inc. owned about 0.08% of Marathon Petroleum Corporation worth $21,746,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period. Meanwhile the stock weekly performance was subdued at -0.99%, which was down for the month at -6.37%. Investors of record on Wednesday, August 16th will be given a $0.40 dividend. [Full Article...]

Watch Mario Cantone's Anthony Scaramucci Kiss 'Trump' Goodbye on The President Show

Actor Mario Cantone may be best known as Charlotte York's eccentric interior decorator and wedding planner from seminal favorite Sex and the City , but he's got a new splashy character to play, even though his story arc was ultimately short-lived. [Full Article...]

Jenner Sticks With Trump Despite Transgender Ban

Jenner Sticks With Trump Despite Transgender Ban Others suggested that her ardent support of Trump's presidency made her complicit in his policies that are harmful to the LGBTQ community. "Forcing these courageous Americans out of our military would be cruel and discriminatory", the letter reads. [Full Article...]

Scaramucci considers making White House satire for TV

Scaramucci threatened to fire "three to four people" the next day and called former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus a "f***ing paranoid schizophrenic" during the late night phone call". Scaramucci walks over to leave the White House , but before exiting, he locks lips with Trump as a disgusted Mike Pence ( Peter Grosz ) covers his eyes. [Full Article...]

ASEAN foreign ministers endorse COC framework on South China Sea

ASEAN foreign ministers endorse COC framework on South China Sea The Philippines brought the dispute to arbitration and a Hague-based court ruled in 2016 that China's nine-dash-line claim has no basis in worldwide law. It does, however, have general headings on prevention and management of incidents, although without any explanation of how that would be achieved. The framework was agreed on by senior diplomats from ASEAN and China in the southwestern Chines... [Full Article...]

McEwen Mining Inc. (NYSE:MUX) Position Cut by KCG Holdings Inc

If the $2.19 price target is reached, the company will be worth $58.98 million less. Suntrust Banks Inc. raised its position in McEwen Mining by 2.7% in the first quarter. Karp Capital Management Corp bought a new position in McEwen Mining during the first quarter worth about $110,000. UBS Group AG boosted its position in shares of McEwen Mining by 0.4% in the first quarter. [Full Article...]

Russia: US trying to 'shift responsibility' on North Korea

But experts doubt the North has the " guidance and control " to make that happen. "We view as groundless attempts undertaken by the USA and a number of other countries to shift responsibility to Russian Federation and China, nearly blaming Moscow and Beijing for indulging the missile and nuclear ambitions of the DPRK (North Korea)", the ministry said in a statement , according to Reuters. [Full Article...]

Watch Trump kiss Mario Cantone's Scaramucci goodbye on The President Show

It has two temporary titles from which the producer is still deciding. The plot would be art imitating life because the show would have an outsider gaining power in DC which would not please longtime politicians. Lizza, however, has a different perspective. "Lizza recounted the bafflement and astonishment he felt over Scaramucci's late night phone call in which the hedge fund billionaire... [Full Article...]

Former minister elected as new vice president of India

Former minister elected as new vice president of India I am also thankful to the Prime Minister and all party leaders for their support. The BJP on Thursday overtook Congress to become the largest political party in the Rajya Sabha, where it now has 58 members against 57 of the main Opposition party. [Full Article...]

Some White House leaks are very much worth investigating

Some White House leaks are very much worth investigating Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told The Daily Beast yesterday called the leaks of President Trump's conversations with world leaders "absolutely" troubling. "If all of those things can be proven, people can very definitely be in harm's way for criminal exposure, no question", he said. In May, The Intercept posted a transcript of an April ca... [Full Article...]

Solar eclipse 2017: What to expect in Miami

The STAR Library Education Network (STAR_Net) has developed this map as an addition to its Eclipse Resource Center. A total solar eclipse can usually be seen from somewhere on the earth every 18 months, but the path of totality normally only covers a path that's about 50 miles wide. [Full Article...]

An uphill task at the White House

An uphill task at the White House Whether they play golf or clear brush in their free time , it's fine with me! He was referring to an overhaul of the heating and air-conditioning systems and other renovations in the West Wing. "Due to the 24/7, 365-day use a year, the estimated age of the system based off of usage is 81 years old", deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters Thursday. [Full Article...]

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